Muskegon Salmon Charter Boat Fishing
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What's Included
Fish Cleaning

After we have returned to the dock, all of your fish will be cleaned and packaged for your trip home.  You can have your fish filleted, kept whole, or cut into steaks.  How you plan on cooking your fish will dictate how it should be cleaned.  If you're not sure, the best way is filleted. It will allow you the most flexibility and least amount of hassle later.

Digital Photos

During your charter and with your permission, our crew will be taking digital photos of you, your guests, and your fishing experience.  We will then email the photos to you and/or put them on our website for you to view and share with family and friends anywhere.

All Equipment

We provide everything necessary to keep you safe, comfortable, and busy catching  fish.  We use nothing but the best rods, reels, downriggers, baits, and electronics to ensure success, comfort, and safety.