Muskegon Salmon Charter Boat Fishing
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What's Included
Fish Cleaning

After we have returned to the dock, all of your fish will be cleaned and packaged for your trip home.  You can have your fish filleted, kept whole, or cut into steaks.  How you plan on cooking your fish will dictate how it should be cleaned.  If you're not sure, the best way is filleted. It will allow you the most flexibility and least amount of hassle later.

Digital Photos

During your charter and with your permission, our crew will be taking digital photos of you, your guests, and your fishing experience.  We will then email the photos to you and/or put them on our website for you to view and share with family and friends anywhere.

All Equipment

We provide everything necessary to keep you safe, comfortable, and busy catching  fish.  We use nothing but the best rods, reels, downriggers, baits, and electronics to ensure success, comfort, and safety.

What to Bring
Food & Beverage

You will be on the lake for several hours.  Make sure you bring enough food and drinks for the entire trip and then some.  We can also cater your trip.

Clothing for the Season

Bring clothing appropriate for the time of year.  Remember the lake is always much cooler than you realize.  Bring more clothes than you need.  You can always take extra clothes off but you can't put it on if you don't have it.


On the brightest day the sun is always intensified even more by the water.  Even on hazy or somewhat overcast days you can get sunburned.  Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.


After we have cleaned and packaged you fish, you will need something to put the fish in and keep it cold.  We recommend an additional cooler to transport your fish to your final destination.  We have ice available for you.

Fishing License

All customers over 17 years of age must have a valid fishing license.  A resident or non-resident daily fishing license for 2003 is $7.00.  Click here to purchase online. You can also purchase them locally.

What's Available

Don't want to hassle with the food and beverage?  You can have your charter catered.  We have several caterers that specialize in different cuisines.   Your food and beverage will be waiting for you when you board.  The cost of the food and beverage plus a 10% handling fee will be added to you charter.


Capture your charter trip on video to see for a lifetime.  We offer several video options.

"Fresh" Fish Dinner

One of our most popular services is "Let the Margie J take you to Dinner/Lunch." option.  After your charter is over, we clean your fish for you and then take you by boat to the beautiful lakefront Dockers Restaurant where I have arranged for their chef to cook as much of the fish as you want.  He has multiple recipes all of which are great. 

Large Group Outings

We can accommodate groups up to 35 people.

Corporate Outings

Let us plan your next corporate outing.

What's there to do in Muskegon besides fish?

Muskegon has attractions, activities, and events occurring all year long.  Click here to find out more.


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