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News articles written about the Margie J from over the years.
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1968 My family caught in a ice pack while fishing for the first salmon to enter Lake Michigan. 2003 My dad made the fishing news way down in Florida.
1977 My brother was the second in our family to receive his captain's license.  He currently fishes for salmon in Seattle's Puget Sound. 2005 This is an article written about the salmon project I do with my students.
1981 My grandfather has a memorial fishing tournament each year in his honor.  We have won it several times but this one was special. 2005 My salmon project was covered by Fox TV News from Grand Rapids.
1984 This article was written when I obtained my captain's license.  The third in my family to do so.  Although written over 20 years ago, I feel it gives a great historical perspective of my family history and our tie to salmon fishing.  2006 This was another article written about my salmon project.  Many are familiar with Catch and Release fishing.  The reporter referred to me as one of the first Release and Catch captains.
1986 We caught the biggest salmon during a big fish tournament worth $6,000.  It was caught by my girlfriend at the time.  There's an inside joke.  You'll understand when you see the article. 2006 I was honored to have Fox TV News covered my students and my salmon release the following year.  The project grows larger each year.
1987 This article shows what a sportsmen's paradise Muskegon is to this day.  My dad and I had a great time and we didn't start until 1:00 p.m. 2006 WZZM is another Grand Rapids based TV news channel that covered the release of about 600 salmon into the Muskegon River.
1992 One of our charter customers caught a newsworthy salmon. 2006 The Grand Rapids Press featured a long time customer and a salmon he caught on board the Margie J.
1996 My dad leads a very exciting life with many stories.  This article only highlights a few of them. 2006 My Dad was contacted to give some salmon fishing history due to his long time involvement in the industry.
2002 The Margie J changes ownership and my Dad is now a semi retired Muskegon charter captain.  When my son turns 18 in 2009 and gets his captain's license, for one season, we will have 3 generations of charter captains, 18 years old, 43 years old, and 75 years old.  My Dad will not renew his license after that season and will be officially retired. 2006 The salmon were first planted in Lake Michigan in 1966.  This article marks the 40th anniversary of this event.  We were honored to be featured on the front page of our Sunday paper.

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